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eBay Zero to eBay Hero

eBay Zero to eBay Hero


One of the most popular ebooks written on how to make money from eBay. Author Mike Enos is a world famous eBay trainer, and has helped tens of thousands over the years. This guide will show how to start and grow your own profitable eBay/Internet based business.

Here is a sample of what's inside:

Why eBay Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get Started Selling On The Internet.
Advantages Of An eBay Business.
How To Get Started:
Buy Before You Sell
Don’t Become A Negative Feedback Magnet!
How To Quickly Build Your Feedback Score
Goal Time. Some Questions To Think About:
How Much Money Do You Need Or Want To Make?
Will You Have Employees In Your Business?
Wanting To Make Money Is Not A Goal
The Three Types Of Goals
Figuring Out What An Hour of Your Time is Worth
Use This Number To:
Some eBay Selling Methods:
eBay Selling Method #1: Dropshipping
A Personal Dropship Story
Excess Competition Is Your Number One Enemy On eBay!
These Are The Golden Rules Of Dropshipping:
The Dangers Of Dropshipping Backorders
Method #2: Wholesale
Don’t Be A Copycat On eBay!
Method #3: Importing
Method #4: Refurbished Goods

And much, much more...

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